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WCR’s passion is Sustainable Development with our expertise first developed during a team visit to Freiburg, Southern Germany in 2003. It was clear how seriously the city was developing its environmentally friendly approach to living and working.  Freiburg has a green mayor, an excellent integrated public transport system, innovative low energy housing models, very high bicycle usage, strict regulations for emission values of cars and trucks entering the city boundaries, comparatively high residential and commercial use of solar, ground source heat pumps, passive house concepts, wind turbines, water turbines, bio-mass heat and power generators, wood and wood pellet heating systems and gas co-generators for heating and power. The city is the Green capital of Germany and perhaps 10-15 years ahead of the UK in terms of its sustainable initiatives and public awareness.

Since 2003 our team has made many visits to Freiburg exploring many of their highly efficient commercial buildings, alternative energy sources, builders, architects and a host of other experts operating in the new energy/green construction sector.

During this early learning period Terry Hill, enthused by what we found went to study at the UK Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales (CAT) for the Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies Msc Programme giving the group valuable expertise and new sources of information. It became clear that there was much that we could apply and in so doing make a significant impact on the energy efficiency of our buildings.  We have teamed up with Freiburg based architects to create commercial buildings that we believe are unsurpassed in the UK in terms of energy requirements.

The way we see it there is no one ideal solution.  We need to adapt to the local conditions and make use of local resources.  For example on one of our developments in Wales we are exploring how we can tap the energy of a nearby brook with a water turbine to provide  a substantial portion of the energy requirements for our office development there.

As we brainstormed different ideas around energy efficiency we started to consider the working environment more holistically.  It is well known that many work in unhealthy buildings due to poor air quality, poor lighting, toxic material use, poor ergonomic design and lack of consideration to the way human beings like to interact.

We are working to make our buildings increasingly healthy by paying attention to these key factors.  We will soon launch new technology that monitors air quality and temperature as well as energy usage.  The systems will help office facilitators adjust their buildings to increase the quality of working life considerably.

We are exploring and applying healthier materials and lighting systems as well as creating natural space where staff can unwind.